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Big Data Technology
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Big Data isn't always about the technology, that's only part of the story. Datasentiment can advise and help with all aspects of your company's data strategy. From data acquisition and cleaning, enterprise scaling, leadership and board buy-in we've helped many realise their insight aspirations.

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Do you do Hadoop?

Yes we do! We also cover many other aspects of the ecosystem including Pig, HBase, Hive, Spring XD, ElasticSearch, Hadoop and YARN implementations and various other technologies. These can be hosted on your own in-house servers or deployed to the cloud via Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and others.

Datasentiment partner with some of the best in business to supply cloud based services, hardware and migration. One thing we've learned over the years on data projects, collaboration is important.

We also have acccess to some of the top flight developers, visualisation and design experts all across the world.

Machine Learning - The Book

Datasentiment founder, Jason Bell, wrote the book "Machine Learning - Hands-on for developers and technical professionals" for Wiley and will be released in November 2014. The book covers planning for machine learning, decision trees, clustering, artificial neural networks and association rule learning. It also covers the tools like Hadoop, Weka, Mahout, Spring XD, R and Apache Spark to enable developers get to practical machine learning quickly.